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Welcome to Phil. 321: Social Ethics

This course, Phil. 321: Social Ethics, deals with some of the most challenging ethical issues in oour contemporary world: abortion, genetic enhancement, euthanasia, the death penalty, torture and anti-terrorism, race, gender, sexual orientation, world poverty, enviornmental ethics, animal rights, and cyber ethics.  Different issues will be considered in depth each semester. 

An Opportunity to Learn . . .

From the assigned and recommended readings and the classroom lectures, you will learn a lot about the specific issues we consider this semester.

An Opportunity to Listen to Each Other . . .

Our class discussions will provide an opportunity for you to voice your own views and listen to the developing views of your fellow students.

An Opportunity to Create . . .

Throughout the semester, you will be asked to develop your own position on these issues, showing a critical awareness of what we have learned in class while at the same time presenting your own view on the issues.