HNRS 159: Computer Ethics

Fall 2003

Instructors:          Beth Simon and Larry Hinman

Office:                   Serra 171-D and Founders 164

Phone:                   x7929 and x4787

Email:           and

Dr. Simon’s

Office Hours:       Wednesday          10-11:30

                                Thursday               9:00-10:30

                                Friday                     9-11

Dr. Hinman’s

Office Hours:      Tuesday, 9-10:30, 12:10-1:10

                               Thursday, 9:00-10:30

Class Meetings:  T/Th                       10:40-12:10AM     PJ222


Classes:                All students are expected to come to class having read and thought critically on the assigned reading.  Discussion is paramount in a computer ethics class and is expected of all students.      

Exams:                   There will be two exams consisting of in class written essays.  Sample topics will be provided before each exam.  Exam dates can be found on the course schedule.

Final Project:       There will be one large final research paper and presentation.

Grading:                Your grade will be based on the weighted average of participation, exams, and final project. 

                                The final grade will be weighted as follows:

Grades will be assigned on a 90%, 80%,70%,60% scale.  “Plusses” and “minuses” are given out only at our discretion.

Academic Integrity:

                                Students are expected to adhere to the university’s Policy on Academic Integrity.  Salient to this class in particular is that you not present the work of any other as your own – this includes information found on the web.

                                If we become aware of any violations of these rules, we will initiate the actions described in the Policy on Academic Integrity.  We reserve the right to fail any student who falsely presents the work of others as their own.  `