Notes on Gattica (1997)


Director/Writer : Andrew Niccol (also wrote The Lord of War, S1m0ne, The Terminal, and The Truman Show)

Producer: Danny DeVito


Ethan Hawke Vincent Freeman
Uma Thurman Irene Cassini
Gore Vidal Director Josef
Xander Berkeley Dr. Lamar
Jayne Brook Marie Freeman
Elias Koteas Antonio Freeman
Maya Rudolph
Delivery Nurse
Una Damon Head Nurs e
Elizabeth Dennehy . Preschool Teacher
Blair Underwood Geneticist
Mason Gamble Vincent Freeman - Boy
Vincent Nielson Anton Freeman - Boy
Chad Christ Vincent Freeman - Teen
William Lee Scott Anton Freeman - Teen
Clarence Graham Personnel Officer
Ernest Borgnine Caesar
Tony Shalhoub German
Jude Law Jerome Eugene Morrow
Alan Arkin Det. Hugo
Carlton Bembry Gattaca Hoover (as Carlton Benbry)
Cynthia Martells Cavendish

Notes on Gatttaca

Opening titles

The Not-Too-Distant Future

Ten Fingers, Ten Toes

The “natural” way

The unspoken contest

Discrimination down to a science

The DNA broker

Becoming Jerome


The “Hoovers”

Cavendish Club


The eyelash

Irene’s confession

A close call

Random checkpoint

Blood from the vein

The Dance

“Who is Vincent?”

The morrow

Irene’s warning

The investigator’s visit

An overlooked specimen

The confrontation

The other side

Travelling too

“for future reference…”

Going home

Themes in Gattaca