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Ethics Updates ". . . dedicated to promoting the thoughtful discussion of difficult moral issues."
Founded in 1994 & edited by
Lawrence M. Hinman
University of San Diego



Lawrence M. Hinman
Acadmic Integrity:
Some Ethical Issues

This is a presentation on ethical issues relating to academic integrity, given by Larry Hinman at the Faculty Workshop on Academic Integrity, University of San Diego, January 26, 2005. It considers academic integrity from five ethical perspectives (Kantian, utilitarianm virtue ethics, feminist ethis, and multicultural ethics), and outlines the "Three P's" of academic integrity--prevention, policing, and punishment. It concludes with reflections on expanding the definition of academic integrity.


Lawrence M. Hinman, Ph.D., Editor
Copyright © 2004 Lawrence M. Hinman. All rights reserved.

Revised: January 19, 2004 .