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Association for Practical and Professional Ethics

11th Annual Meeting
March 1-2, 2002

Keynote Address

"Passions at Work"

Robert C. Solomon
Quincy Lee Centennial Professor of Business and Philosophy,
Department of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin

March 1, 2002

Mini Conference
Keynote Address

"Ethical Issues in Information Technology"

Richard T. De George

Department of Philosophy, Director of the International Center for Ethics in Business, University of Kansas


"Restorative v. Retributive Justice as Building Blocks of a Human Rights Culture"

Elizabeth Kiss
Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke University

"Punishment: An Incompatibilist's Justification"

Russell T. Daley
California State University, Long Beach

  "Terror and Innocence"

Henry Shue
Program on Ethics and Public Life, Cornell University

"Ethical Challenges in the War Against Terrorism:
New Realities vs. Antiquated Concepts"

John Ladd
Philosophy, Brown University