Ethics Videos
on the

Medical Ethics and the Humanities
in End-of-Life Care" Medical Conference

San Diego Hospice
March 20-21, 2001
San Diego, California

Tom Beauchamp

Thomas Beauchamp, Ph.D.

"Physician-assisted Dying"

Rita Marker, J.D.
Thomas Beauchamp, Ph. D.

"Physician Assisted Dying"

Rita Marker and Tom Beauchamp
Larry Schneiderman and Sue Rubin

Larry Schneiderman, M.D.
Sue Rubin, Ph.D.

"Medical Futility"

Ann Boyd, Ph.D.

"Ethical Theories:
Humanist, Natural Law, and Utilitarianism"

Ann Boyd

Sue Rubin

Sue Rubin, Ph. D.

"Advance Directives"