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Ethics Updates ". . . dedicated to promoting the thoughtful discussion of difficult moral issues."
Founded in 1994 & edited by
Lawrence M. Hinman
University of San Diego


Ethics Interviews on the Web

High LaFollette

"Aminal Rights and Welfare"

"World Hunger and Moral Obligation"

Two Interviews with Professor Hugh LaFollette

Cole Chair in Ethics
University of South Florida
St. Petersburg

Health Care Ethics, and
Reflective Equilibrium

An Interview with Professor Norman Daniels
Tufts University
Norman Daniels
Michael Stocker
Moral Theory:
Schizophrenia, Pluralism, and Emotion

An Interview with Professor Michael Stocker
Syracuse University

"Moral Compromise:
Integrity, Absolutism, and Pluralism"

An Interview with
Professor Martin Benjamin
Michigan State University

Martin Benjamin
John Ladd

A Conversation about Navajo Ethics

An Interview with
Professor John Ladd

Brown University
March 4, 2001

A Conversation about
World Hunger and Human Rights

Professor Henry Shue
Cornell University
March 2, 2001

Henry Shue
Edward Langerak

"Listening to the Middle: Abortion"

Professor Edward Langerak
St. Olaf's College
March 2, 2001

A Conversation about
Business Ethics

Dr. Thomas Shanks
Markkula Center for Ethics, Santa Clara University
Tom Shanks
Adrienne Lyles-Chockley and James Nickel

"A Conversation about Human Rights"

Professor James Nickel
University of Colorado

A Conversation about
Animal Rights and World Hunger

Professor Dale Jamieson
Carleton College

October 31, 2000

Dale Jamieson


Lawrence M. Hinman, Ph.D., Editor
Copyright © 2004 Lawrence M. Hinman. All rights reserved.

Revised: January 19, 2004 .